Announced: Bandai Robot Damashii RMS-099 Rick Dias

At long last Bandai have announced the forthcoming Robot Damashii Rick Dias. I had been hoping this suit would turn up, and when it started to appear at shows I couldn’t wait for the final pictures. It’s looking great, an perfect to sit alongside Zeta, the Mk II and the recently released Hyakushiki (I will review all of these soon, I promise!).

01_03The only thing I have to compare it to is the Mobile Suit In Action version from umpteen years ago, which wasn’t too bad but had horrendously cheap plastic used for the back-mounted pistols.  This resulted in those pistols being permanently warped, though that’s clearly not a problem here, those are looking really solid, as is the rest of the construction.

Hopefully there will also be a black variant, I say hopefully but it’s kind of inevitable, and hopefully it’s not a Tamashii Web Exclusive – I’m still not sure if this version is, but going on the other AEUG suits being retail releases it would be kind of bizarre if this wasn’t.  But it also wouldn’t be a surprise given how many mono-eyed mobile suits from Zeta have ended up web exclusives, but they’ve also been Ka Signature releases too (the Barzam and Geymalk that I’ve already reviewed), and this doesn’t look like one.  Actually, given the fact that the Titans Mk II Gundam is a web exclusive, it’s likely the black version will follow *ahem* suit.  Which is a shame.

But, regardless, this suit is getting a release, and I cannot wait as I’ve been hoping for a Rick Dias for some time.  Now all Bandai need to do is release a Dom Tropen, Rick Dom and Kaempfer and I’ll be a completely happy camper (actually The O would also be nice to see, but that would also be crazy expensive…).