Well this is awkward: Figma Bruce Lee

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura [review coming soon] all over again.  In the wake of Bandai showing off their S.H.Figuarts Bruce Lee, Good Smile have revealed their own Bruce Lee action figure as part of their Figma line.  From these initial photos it doesn’t look anywhere near as polished as Bandai’s and seems to be continuing Figma’s record of producing terrible male action figures.

It’s not that Figma’s male action figure body is bad, it’s more that they’re not particularly great at adapting it to suit the male characters they choose, and have a tendency to look considerably poorer when compared to the female figures from the line.  The Figma joint system seems best suited to slighter bodies, which means it may work for Bruce Lee, but then there’s that groin piece… that just looks weird.  Wrong.  Bandai’s sculpt is a lot cleaner where the Figma looks like Bruce has a nappy of some kind on over his trousers.  Hopefully Good Smile will tidy this up, but going on what I’ve seen I just don’t think the Figma will come close to Bandai’s version.

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