ThreeA Destiny Titan: Why would you buy this?

Up on sale now on their Bambaland store you’ll find ThreeA‘s rendition of a Titan from the Bungie game Destiny.  My history with ThreeA is a chequered (a tale that is mostly made of ranting), so while I do still buy ThreeA figures I’m a lot more restrained about what I buy, who I buy it from and when I buy it. With that out the way, I have to say I like the look of this figure, and I do enjoy Destiny and the universe Bungie have built, but there’s a nagging question to be answered: why would anyone buy this?

The Questionable Titan

The problem I have with this figure is the same problem I have with the Commander Shepard figure from ThreeZero1, this is not everyone’s Titan, just as that was not everyone’s Commander Shepard.

Commander Zavala being all smooth talkingOne of the key things with Destiny is that your character is customisable, just like your character in Mass Effect.  In Destiny there are numerous variants of helmet, gauntlets, chest plates and leg armour, plus once you reach a certain level you can use a shader to unify the colours of your armour.  Most people use armour that has the most benefits for them, be it armour value or special abilities, so this results in players holding a mish-mash of armour types with such names as Raku Fulcrum Type 2, literally the helm my Titan currently has, or No Backup Plan, my Titan’s current gauntlets.  Neither of those bits of armour are represented here.  And that’s the same case with the weapons ThreeA are providing.  While they are representative of very specific weapons you can get in the game, weapons are another variable, often differing in construction and colour, the variance is just too great.  There simply is no archetype, and ThreeA are not the kind of company to start putting out a variety of armour and weapon sets to cover all bases.

Lord Shaxx thinks nothing of youWhat they could have done, and I find it mind-boggling they didn’t do this, is make the Titan Vanguard, Commander Zavala (voiced by the authoritative Lance Reddick), or even the Crucible Handler, Lord Shaxx (voiced by the inimitable Lennie James).  Both of these are Titans, and both of these are static character designs.  They will not change.  Even more mind-boggling is that they didn’t even base this Titan on the one that appears in the Grimoire!  So who is this Titan?  It’s not mine.  Is it yours?  Probably not.

This all begs the question: who are they selling this to?  And the answer is simple: not Destiny fans.  If you’re a fan of Destiny why would you spend $190 on a random Titan action figure?  This isn’t the Master Chief, you’re not playing a specific character.  The game is about your character, not their character.  No, this toy is for toy collectors, and not even Destiny fans, no self-respecting Destiny fan wants a toy of someone else’s Titan, they want a toy of that time their Titan looked awesome.  Just because.

A generic Titan yesterdayThe figure’s construction looks excellent, that’s something that ThreeA are legitimately good at (barring the QC issues that regularly slip through the net), and it using armour over cloth would imply that they could expand on it with new armour and weapon sets, but post-release support of a figure is not something ThreeA are known for.  And that’s the real shame, Destiny seems perfect for someone to create a build-a-figure line, with gear packs being released in a variety of colours.  This could be great, this could be cleverly handled, but instead they’ve tried to create a generic character when really there isn’t one, and they haven’t given a hint that this is just the beginning, and I suspect we should just look for the inevitable repeat of this situation with a Hunter and Warlock (which are, at least, likely to be released with different weapons).

N.B. Obviously if ThreeA start throwing out a ton of sets of Titan armour I will eat countless amounts of crow (and also be quite a happy bunny), but I really don’t fear I’ll end up tasting feathers any time soon.

  1. ThreeZero are the production arm behind ThreeA.  They’re the Three, Ashley Wood is the A.