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Day: August 11, 2015

Release the Hounds! Maketoys MTRM-02 Gundog

Maketoys RE:Master line, their own take on Takara’s Masterpiece series, continues with pre-orders for their version of Hound.  Unlike Maketoys other releases in the RE:Master line (MTRM-011 and MTRM-072) this one comes in two flavours: regular and extra crispy.  The regular version MTRM-02N (right), just named Gundog, appears to carry on the Masterpiece tradition of being based on the animation model from the 1980s Sunbow TV show.  MTRM-02Y (main image), the Type-613, instead uses colours that match closer to those of the original G1 toy, a move I’m more than happy to see someone make. The vehicle mode is heavily based on the…

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