Release the Hounds! Maketoys MTRM-02 Gundog

You could choose the bright green one, I guess?
You could choose the bright green one, I guess?

Maketoys RE:Master line, their own take on Takara’s Masterpiece series, continues with pre-orders for their version of Hound.  Unlike Maketoys other releases in the RE:Master line (MTRM-011 and MTRM-072) this one comes in two flavours: regular and extra crispy.  The regular version MTRM-02N (right), just named Gundog, appears to carry on the Masterpiece tradition of being based on the animation model from the 1980s Sunbow TV show.  MTRM-02Y (main image), the Type-613, instead uses colours that match closer to those of the original G1 toy, a move I’m more than happy to see someone make.

The vehicle mode is heavily based on the original G1 toy, which itself was based on the WIllys Jeep4, and seems to match really well so hopefully he’ll look good alongside Takara’s car robots like Prowl, Sideswipe and Wheeljack.  He seems to be in the right scale and comes in quite a bit smaller than Cupola, who stands head & shoulders alongside Takara’s MP-10 Optimus Prime.

Robot mode is a solid representation of G1 hound, with the really neat feature that his shoulders can be put into two configurations, one which matches the original toy and the cartoon model (as sported by the Type-61), but also a more modern version where the shoulders are… where you’d expect shoulders to sit.  And both versions come with not just a different overall paint scheme but also individual flashes, like the stars on the Type-61’s shoulders (which surely mark him as Hipster Gundog?) and the standard version’s cartoon-accurate yellow forearm stripes.

After Takara’s announcement that a Masterpiece Ironhide there is a chance they’ll eventually get around to producing their own Hound, but going by the quality of MTRM-01 Cupola this figure is going to be worth buying regardless of what might happen in the future.  Maketoys have been long established as one of the top independent companies producing toys based on the Transformers property5, their quality of design and construction are second to none save FansProject.  So the question is, which Gundog is for you?

  1. Cupola, aka the Headmaster Chromedome
  2. Visualizers, aka Reflector, which are based on the G1 cartoon models, hopefully a toy-accurate version will eventually be released
  3. Maketoys have previously released a repaint of their version of Devastator, Giant, with a variant name of Type-61
  4. The Willys Jeep is one of the most iconic US military vehicles, this variant looks like the Mitsubishi Jeep – see Wikipedia article
  5. Regardless of the legality of such a thing.  Homage is a friendly term.  Also known by the more innocent name “3rd Party”