What is it and why should I care?

This was going to be the December edition of “What is it and why should I care?”, but now it appears to be January’s. So let’s get on with it!


What is it?

Maketoys Iron Will

Why should I care?

If you were a kid in the mid to late 80s and in to Transformers then you might recognise him, he’s an independent toy company’s own version of the Transformers Headmaster Hard Head.

That sounds a bit suspect?

It really does, and it almost definitely is, though it hasn’t stopped the dramatic increase over the past few years of small toy companies producing their own homages to Transformers, G1 and otherwise.

Are Hasbro not a bit narked about it?

Probably, although in reality it does little to harm their sales as the people who can afford these toys aren’t kids, and are already buying the collector oriented official Transformers products like the Masterpiece line.

So this is a bit expensive?

These Masterpiece scale figures from independent toy companies tend to crease the £100 mark, and this fella is quite a bit bigger than your average Transformer.

So it’s expensive and of questionable provenance, but I should still care?

Too right. Maketoys are possibly the greatest of these, and certainly produced at least a couple of spectacular figures in the Re:Master line in the form of their versions of Hound (aka Gundog) and the Headmaster Chromedome (aka Cupola).

Maketoys Re:Master MTRM-04 Iron Will (Kapow Toys pre-order £109.99, TFSource pre-order $144.99); December 2015/January 2016


What is it?

Maketoys Katana

Wait, Maketoys again?

Ah, yes, you noticed. They’ve been on a bit of a run of late throwing out regular releases.

Okay, so why should I care?

This is the 3rd member of Maketoys Guardia combiner, based on the Protectobots, with this one being based on Blades, who back in the day transformed into a Huey.

As in “Lewis and the News”?

No, the Bell UH-1 Iroquois, the helicopter synonymous with the Vietnam war. Anyway, Maketoys version of him puts a more modern form on and then turns him full badass with helicopter blades literally being blades. Quite a turn for the chap.

Maketoys MTCM-04E Katana (Kapow Toys pre-order £47.99, TFSource pre-order $64.99); Late January/Early February 2016


What is it?

ThreeA Judge Fear

Why should I care?

Who else are you going to have your ThreeA Dredd punching while saying “Gaze into the fist of Dredd”?

Uh, what?

It was a thing in the 80s when the remaining three Dark Judges turned up in Judge Dredd.

Dark Judges

Ah, yeah, so Judge Death was the first of them, then Fear, Fire and Mortis turned up too. Four Dark Judges. It was pretty cool. ThreeA are making toys of all of them (hopefully), alongside Judge Dredd.


Well, Judge Death is already out, Judge Dredd is still available to buy on Bambaland, and Judge Fear has been announced, so there’s a good chance the rest will turn up.

Is Judge Death any good?

God yes, that’s why I gave it an award.

So you weren’t expecting him to be any good?

Frankly I wasn’t expecting him, and he did take almost a year to turn up, but it was actually worth the wait.

ThreeA Judge Fear (Bambalandstore pre-order $65); Who knows when he’ll actually come out, November probably


What is it?

Bandai HI-METAL R Glaug

Why should I care?

The bad guys of Super Dimension Fortress Macross haven’t really had much play action figure wise, so this is a rare opportunity to have some Zentradi goodness!

Super Dimen-what? Zentradi?

It’s a classic cartoon series from Japan that made it over to The West as Robotech. Kinda.


Robotech was an amalgamation of three separate Japanese cartoons that were edited to one. It was a thing, down to US TV show syndication, some people hate it but it was one of the earliest series to kick off people’s love of anime.

And this is the villain?

One of machines piloted by the bad guys, certainly, the other major one being the Regult. Look it up, it’s like an egg on stilts, it’s great (in a very stupid way).

Bandai HI-METAL R Glaug (HobbyLink Japan pre-order ¥13,000, approx $110/£75)


What is it?

Mega House Variable Action D-Spec Star Wars X-Wing & AT-AT

Why should I care?

Like last time’s Nendoroid Darth Vader Mega House have decided to product adorable Star Wars toys, this time a couple of vehicles.

You like the word adorable, don’t you?

Sure do! And look how cute these are! The X-Wing’s S-Foils work, you can remove R2-D2 and Luke I guess (unless some other X-Wing pilot has stolen R2 or there’s an identikit R2 out there). And The AT-AT is articulated and contains the cutest of Stormtroopers. Look at how tiny they are!

Would you like a moment?

Ahem. Yes.

Mega House Variable Action D-Spec Star Wars X-Wing (HobbyLink Japan pre-order ¥8,550, approx $75/£50); AT-AT (HobbyLink Japan pre-order ¥8,550, approx $75/£50);