2.0 Another term for a double-jointed point of articulation (where a connector is jointed at both ends).  Mostly for elbows and knees to allow for more complex poses.  Derived from Bandai releasing the Zaku II with double-jointed elbows and knees as part of their Mobile Suit in Action (MSiA) line and naming them “Zaku II Ver 2.0”.
 Ab-crunch Not the exercise move but articulation that lets the figure look like it’s doing that exercise move.
Ankle-tilt A point of articulation, usually using a ball or swivel joint, that allows for the action figure to stand flat-footed in numerous poses.  A modern requirement in Transformers for some reason.
Ball-joint A common action figure joint this uses a sphere clipped into a cup that is slightly greater than hemispheric in order to safely enclose the ball. This is usually found in hip or shoulder joints to provide a higher level of rotation. Much like the ball socket joints the human body uses it’s most likely to suffer wear and require maintenance, thankfully this usually requires you to thicken either the ball or cup part and not hours of surgery to completely replace the joints like my Gran had to suffer.
Cut joint The enemy of mankind.  Do not trust the cut joint, it will hate your action figures.  Todd McFarlane will answer for this crime when his days are done.
Inaction Figures Shorthand for “this s a statue, not an action figure”.  A reference picked up from
Pin-disc A type of connection in a universal joint that is fairly common on modern action figures.  A pin (often one that clips in place) is used to connect 2 discs providing a central axis to rotate around.  Often the pin is part of one of the discs.  SH Figuarts commonly uses this type of joint for wrist articulation, where two hemispheres connect to give the impression of a ball-joint.  It’s a staple of Good Smile’s Figma joint.
Posability Made-up word referring to how posable an action figure is e.g. “It has great posability” means you can pose it in a lot of ways.  We are nerds.
Ratchet Not just the medic from Transformers but also a method of controlling the degree of rotation by using a spring to force two gears to hold together until sufficient pressure is applied to reseat the geared components at the next rotational point.  It also goes click, which is fun.  Until it doesn’t go click and is broken and floppy.
Swivel One of the simplest joints, can be constructed in all manner of ways.  The pin-disc and universal joints make use of them to allow the joint
Tamashii Referring to Bandai’s Tamashii Nations.  Often postfixed with Stage or Effect in reference to a series of figure stands or special effects accessories respectively.
Universal joint An omni-directional point of articulation.  That sounds more swanky than it often looks.