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The 1st Annual “Cheesy Toy Awards for Toys That Need Awards” 2015

Another year done.  Hasbro continued to release Transformers Combiner Wars, Takara followed suit with Unite Warriors, Bandai‘s Tokustatsu love continued apace, and the smaller companies couldn’t help but get in on the act.  In fact this year has been pretty good for smaller companies.  The “independent transforming toy”, colloquially known as 3rd Party, companies really started working hard on taking cash from Transformers fans, and some of Japan’s smaller companies kept up the game they had started showing in 2014, if not surpassing it.

So let’s look at the special things from across the year with some action figure awards…

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Release the Hounds! Maketoys MTRM-02 Gundog

Maketoys RE:Master line, their own take on Takara’s Masterpiece series, continues with pre-orders for their version of Hound.  Unlike Maketoys other releases in the RE:Master line (MTRM-011 and MTRM-072) this one comes in two flavours: regular and extra crispy.  The regular version MTRM-02N (right), just named Gundog, appears to carry on the Masterpiece tradition of being based on the animation model from the 1980s Sunbow TV show.  MTRM-02Y (main image), the Type-613, instead uses colours that match closer to those of the original G1 toy, a move I’m more than happy to see someone make. The vehicle mode is heavily based on the…

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